The Cribel Contract furniture is aimed at the world of hospitality offering modern and tasteful solutions able to intercept the concept of the client company.
Ad Hotel, Charming Relais, B&B, Bars, Restaurants, Communities, Public and Private Centers, is dedicated a bespoke design service that makes Cribel the sector leader thanks to the competence of its staff, to the style proposal always in line with the client's wishes and to the great professionalism.
Point of reference for the Contract furnishing; the Francavilla Fontana Showroom, where You can view the products from inside and outside hand touching the quality of the materials and the impeccable finishings.

The décor an integral part of the environment and highlights the volumes, lines and architectures. A well-appointed environment able to also convey a sense of well-being and make those who live there and those who work there feel good.